Ride with me…

As a general practitioner, I have worked with women at their most vulnerable. What I have realised is that they already possess the understanding they seek. It is underneath the layers of conditioning they have endured. It is in the ‘knowing’ that has been outsourced due to that conditioning.

Join me on this journey while I deconstruct the biomedical paradigm into a more collaborative, less righteous beast. I'd like to help you reconnect with your feminine intuition, which will occasionally be me railing against the patriarchal machine for the purposeful suppression of this superpower.

There is nothing linear about my process. It has been a haphazard roller coaster that I sometimes struggle to make sense of, but I have come too far to go back. Writing a book isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Ride with me…

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I gave up medicine a year ago to write a book about the feminine power of our inner doctor, and I started this newsletter to chronicle that transition. What has transpired is nothing that I was expecting.


Melissa Gilbert

Writer, Feminist, and Doctor. Writing a book about feminine intuition and power. She left medicine to do it.